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The Mysterious Affair at Styles

If you're here, I'm guessing you are interested in exploring Agatha Christie's work.

Well, you've made a wonderful decision by picking up this book.

The mysterious affair at Styles was Christie's first published novel and it was a HUGE success. It introduces to us, the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot and his companion and best friend, Captain Arthur Hastings.

Be prepared to fall in love with their friendship by the way.

This book starts off with Hastings, staying with an old friend of his, in Styles in England.

It's a huge mansion with many people living in it.

One morning, they wake up to discover that the owner of the house, elderly Emily Inglethorp, has died.

(Don't worry it's not a spoiler)

The circumstances are very mysterious and so after the suggestion of Hastings, they approach Poirot.

From here on, we see the investigation with Hastings' point of view as he narrates to us, the whole story.

The mysterious affair at styles book cover

It's a murder mystery that lets us try to guess who the murderer is, from the very start.

You will have to keep an eye out for the subtle hints that Christie leaves all over the book.

You will suspect each and every character as you flip the pages.

But trust me, in the end EVERYTHING will come together and every tiny hint will make sense.

And it's SO satisfying.

If you figure out before Poirot reveals it to you (as he always does in the last chapter), you'll have an immense feeling of satisfaction.

However, if you don't, when Poirot does reveal it to you, you'll have an immense feeling of satisfaction.

So it's a win-win.

By the way, If you're not a French speaker, I assure you, that you'll learn at least 3 - 5 French words by time you finish this book.

This book also has a little map of the house and other illustrations which is a treat for the eyes.

A little disclaimer though, Christie tends to introduce all her characters at once (at least in this book), which can be a little overwhelming at first but bear with it for a few pages and you'll get used to the names.

Other than that, I have nothing to say except, GO read this book!!

If you've read Poirot mysteries before, you KNOW you're in for a treat!

And if this is your first one, well, YOU ARE in for a treat, mon ami.

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If you guys want me to include links to free E-books for the books that I review, just let me know in the comments : )

Originally published: October 1920

Author: Agatha Christie

Followed by: The Secret Adversary

Genres: Mystery, Detective novel

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